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a short dance film by Terri Ayanna Wright



InsideOUT: Welcome


InsideOUT is a speculative short dance film. It tells the story of a distressed woman finding solace after she encounters her anthropomorphized subconscious. As the dancer, choreographer, director, & editor, I aim to combine live action with visual effects to share a self-portrait in motion - the film reflecting my southern black heritage and my spirituality rooted in ancient Afroasiatic traditions. In retrospect, I dance with myself, using cloning techniques in post-production. This work is also the culmination of a production pipeline that imposes 3D camera tracking on motion-captured rigs as a previsualization tool. 

InsideOUT: Synopsis

“ dreams and fairy tales the grandmother or ancestress often represents the unconscious, because the latter in a man contains the feminine component of the psyche”

Carl Jung

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The Making Process

InsideOUT: Making Process
InsideOUT: Behind the Scenes
InsideOUT: About

Meet the Director

Terri Ayanna Wright, is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in New York City. Directing movement is at her core. After graduating from Fordham University with a dual degree in dance and computer science, Ms. Wright traveled internationally as a dancer on tour with Ailey II, through which she was exposed to a wide-range of live production teams, settings, and audiences.  Just before the pandemic, she completed her first season with The Met Opera, as an ensemble dancer in Porgy & Bess. Through this experience, she began exploring the many facets of live production, beyond the performance act itself. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Design & Technology at Parsons, as a means of finding unique ways of bringing dance into virtual space. She continues to expand on her story-telling capabilities as a video editor, through the marriage of dance, film, and visual effects.  She currently serves as Production Assistant & Co-editor for HopeBoykinDance and most recently completed a residency sponsored by Eyebeam: using the Volumetric Performance Toolkit to perform in realtime with a 3-dimensional livestream inside of a Mozilla Hubs VR scene. You may catch Terri live every Sunday and Wednesday, as an online Horton teacher for The Ailey Extension.

Production Team


Remi Harris

Production Assistant & Body Double

Remi Harris is a Barbados born and Brooklyn bred choreographer, producer, curator, and performer whose work explores the intersectionality between dance, new media and black female representation.


Yichan Wang

Motion Capture Operator

Yichan Wang is motion graphics designer who has a background in stage design. She is fond of creating narratives through visual and spatial mediums. Currently, she is pursuing her MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design. Her recent work focuses on animating dance using motion capture.


Morgane Borzee

Assistant Production Designer

Morgane is a UX Designer, Entrepreneur, Digital Content Creator & Photographer. She received her undergrad degree in Design of Image and Sound at Palermo University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She learns through creation and after having worked at RGA in Sydney, Australia she returned to Peru to found User Experience Agency. Morgane is currently an MFA Candidate in Design and Technology at Parsons The New School.


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Xavi Portillo


Xavi Portillo, a founding member of the 90 Degree Collective, is a self-taught director and cinematographer based in NYC. Born and raised in Brooklyn, his images are immensely influenced by the city around him and his roots in skateboarding. Throughout his formative years he found that the greatest way he could communicate his ideas to the world were through moving images. Xavi’s work has been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, The Fader, i-D, Gucci, Paper Magazine, AfroPunk, Complex and more. He is fluent in both Spanish and English and is currently working on his first feature film documentary “Todos Somos Iguales”.

InsideOUT: Team Members
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