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a short dance film by Terri Ayanna Wright



InsideOUT: Welcome


InsideOUT is a speculative short dance film. It tells the story of a distressed woman finding solace after she encounters her anthropomorphized subconscious. As the dancer, choreographer, director, & editor, I aim to combine live action with visual effects to share a self-portrait in motion - the film reflecting my southern black heritage and my spirituality rooted in ancient Afroasiatic traditions. In retrospect, I dance with myself, using cloning techniques in post-production. This work is also the culmination of a production pipeline that imposes 3D camera tracking on motion-captured rigs as a previsualization tool. 

InsideOUT: Synopsis

“ dreams and fairy tales the grandmother or ancestress often represents the unconscious, because the latter in a man contains the feminine component of the psyche”

Carl Jung

InsideOUT: Photo Gallery

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The Making Process

InsideOUT: Making Process
InsideOUT: Behind the Scenes